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02/16/14 06:33 PM #1    

Richard (Rick) Brown, III

Welcome to the Bassick High School Class of 1965 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

10/13/15 11:39 AM #2    

Gail Bogdwicz (DeCilio)

Wanted to let you know the reunion was great!  Thank God for the photo id's!

10/13/15 02:57 PM #3    

Elizabeth Figerle (Wegrzyn)

Yes, was nice to see all of our "Southie" friends we went to Sacred Heart School with and all the new friends we met while at Bassick...Good time was had by all... Thank You Rick for all your hard work and trying to find all our missing classmates...

10/16/15 03:53 PM #4    

Linda Baker (Lawton)

Hi Everyone,

Rick I would like to thank you not only for the hard work you did, but for the heart of love that you put into the entire thing. IT SHOWS IN THE FINAL PRODUCTlaugh It was wonderful seeing all of you and am looking forward to the next one - in about five years I'm told. Is everybody ready?????

10/17/15 08:48 AM #5    

Robert Grosso

All, Who is BETTER than Ricky for all of his leadership, hard work and diligence to to keep us together! I truly had a great time seeing everyone & trading some of our life stories & HS memories. Maybe we could try to gether more informlly on an annual or every other year basis with the 5 year being a more formal get togheher?


Stay safe, healthy & enjoy the upcoming holiday season,

Bob Grosso  




10/17/15 08:55 AM #6    


Jorge L. Rivera

hey guys,just wanted to say"i'm so glad i traveled from florida i had the greatest time'. it was so great to see everybody.....hope to be at the next reunion....LOL...i'll probably have to be carried in ,but i'll try to be the way i had such a great time...thanks to rich and tom.....that i needed my son to drive me home....LOL.... LOVE  TO ALL Jorge (George) Rivera Jr.

10/18/15 12:55 PM #7    

Jenny Garamella (Cocozza)

I know when we all think of the celebrity in our class one name clearly comes to mind. Well, I think the one that we should say is a true celebrity of our class is Rick Brown.
Rick has made it possible for us to keep in touch with each other over the years. He let's us know when a dear friend from many, many years ago has passed on and has made it possible to have wonderful reunions like the one on October 3.
Rick, I would like to say thank you for all your very hard work and for being the best friend and the real celebrity of
the class of 1965.
Stay well.......We all love you!
Jenny Garamella-Cocozza

10/19/15 01:12 PM #8    

William Leclerc

I agree with Jenny & would also like to give thanks to those that helped Rick make this all happen.I was so happy to be at the reunion & some wonderful things that I heard & felt talking with people who were there.Excuse the 60's expression, but it did seem like a "love fest". My sincere thanks & best wishes, Bill

04/02/17 06:53 PM #9    


Real Caron (Caron)

Hey Rick... sorry I missed it.. we've been living in Burlington Ontario Canada (45 minutes from Niagara Falls & Buffalo) fo the last 37 years so we're a bit of a distance awy.. perhaps we'll make the next one

All the best

Réal Caron, BA, CIP

04/02/17 06:55 PM #10    


Real Caron (Caron)

Hey Billy Leclerc how the hell are you man...??

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